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Services for Residential

True solutions for load balance for single and multiple electric vehicles at home. The concerns of overloading you can pass to us. With state of the art technology and 24hr monitoring we will have resolved the problem before you are aware it ever occurred.

Fast install and delivery of your unit of choice to single family home or multi-unit.

Services for Commercial


Commercial installs change the dynamics of how employees and customers perceive your businesses intrinsic value. It shows you care, and your customer-base, and staff will thank you. AVQ-1 brings the future of electric to your door step with efficient and professional service, plus installation of the best Electric Charging stations available. AVQ-1 offers DC Fast Charger Level 2 & 3, and top of the line connectors ensuring safety with the right boost to get consumers and your team through the day.

AVQ-1 Service Promise

Our motto is "The less you have to think about the better"

AVQ-1 will do all the heavy lifting installing both network and hardware, so you don't have to. It's just that simple.  


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